A Pan-Ethnic Hispanic & American Community

The Arthur Foundation Endowed Professor of Transformative Latino Leadership and professor of
political science at the University of Notre Dame, Dr. Luis Fraga is leading the Latino National Survey (LNS) the first-ever state-stratified survey of Latinos in the U.S. with the goal of better understanding the growing Hispanic population in the US.

When 1 in 4 children enrolled in K-12 public education is Latino, I would argue that is in the interest of all to learn more about Hispanics and what they represent; says Dr. Fraga.

This data-set has already provided some valuable insights; for example we now know that we (Latinos) identify with multiple identities.  We identify from our country of origin but we also identify as Pan-Ethnic Hispanics and also Americans, which is different from previous generations.

This new “multiple identity” facilitiates us to get togher under specific issues when participating in the political process (i.e. immigration) which is completely consistent with the American tradition (according to Dr. Fraga).

This incredibly important work has the potential to not only provide us with a path to efficiently reach the community and engage fellow Latinos to be more involved in the civic process but will also allow political parties to better understand what WE are looking for.


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