Rudy Beserra, A True Pioneer for the Latino Community

Rudy Beserra, Senior Vice President of Latin Affairs at the Coca-Cola Company is receiving the 2017 Award for Leadership at the 30th Annual Hispanic Heritage Awards from the Hispanic Heritage Foundation.

A true pioneer and advocate for the Latino community across the US, Rudy has been a consistent voice and force in government, nonprofit and corporate fields.

While working on his degree in education with a political science minor, he was involved in a student organization for a senatorial campaign.  Later, he worked in the Public Liaison Office in the White House under President Ronald Reagan and was instrumental in the creation and development of “Hispanic Heritage Month” in 1988 through his leadership in the National Hispanic Task Force.

Rudy is an active member and board member in many Latino-centered organizations, including The Latin American Chamber of Commerce Georgia, The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC); the Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute (CHLI), of which he is a founding member; The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI).  In the past, Rudy has served as chairman of the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF).

Congratulations Rudy! Well deserved!!!  

Much love to Rudy’s family that have always been supportive of this important work. His wife Lois Beserra, and daughters Alana and Olivia.


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