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Georgia in 10 Years, Depends on Us

Meet Antonio Molina, one of our Giving Circle members, businessman, father, husband, mentor and community leader

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Latinas Are Stepping Up To Political Participation

Latinas in Georgia seem to be making gains not only in terms of voter participation (outpacing national voter participation) but also appearing on the ballots as candidates for office. A community in transition, over one million strong, incredibly entrepreneurial and innovative; Latinx in our state are stepping up to the plate and making significant progress with representation in school boards

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Lurking Behind the Gospel Welcome

Written by Anton Flores-Maisonet, founder of Alterna Community and Casa Alterna in LaGrange, Georgia.  This essay was originally published on the Casa Alterna Facebook page on September 6.  Re-published with permission from Anton. Tuesday morning one of my new neighbors was ambushed by ICE officials. He is currently detained and now faces possible deportation. Cloaked in the pre-dawn darkness stealthily lurking

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Artists Soaking in Communities, Living Walls.

When Monica left Peru in 1998 to live in Florida, it was really tough and she struggled, as a teenagers and immigrant, to find her own identity and accept and understand her new home. It would not be until she was 24 when she moved to Georgia on a full scholarship to attend SCAD where started to feel like she belonged.Monica

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“In the Beginning, God Said Let, and the Rest is Just Spectacle.” The Literary Debut of Sam Zamarripa

When Sam Zamarripa co-founded the “The Essential Economy Council”, a nonprofit dedicated to provide credible, local research and data on the economic value of a segment of workers that perform low-skilled, often manual yet essential work in Georgia; many of us were pleasantly surprised and energized at having Zamarripa’s cunning mind and voice in the public space, once again. A few

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