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A Dose of Inspiration, Featuring Luis Otero

(This essay was originally published by the Hispanic Organization for the Promotion of Education -HoPe- a LCF Georgia member nonprofit organization.  It is re-published here with permission to help amplify the voice and story of Luis) Born in Guanajuato, Mexico, Luis immigrated to the United States with his mom when he was one to reunite with his father in search of

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Being Latino Means I am Breaking the Status Quo and Enlightening the World of my Culture and Heritage.

(This essay was originally posted @ website. We are re-posting in an effort to increase awareness of the voices and opinions of Latinos in Georgia) I am the son of Latino immigrants, whose footsteps crossed the deserts of Mexico, whose sweat, blood and teardrops stained the path that crossed 3 countries and 4 states as they escaped a country

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Artists Soaking in Communities, Living Walls.

When Monica left Peru in 1998 to live in Florida, it was really tough and she struggled, as a teenagers and immigrant, to find her own identity and accept and understand her new home. It would not be until she was 24 when she moved to Georgia on a full scholarship to attend SCAD where started to feel like she belonged.Monica

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Every dollar I saved would get me closer to my dream

(We are reposting from the OnUp Suntrust site with permission from Yeny.If you want to read the original article, please click here) As a college student studying finance in Colombia, Yeny Malaver, now 37, faced a grim reality: Even once she completed her degree, a career might always be out of reach. “I didn’t have any connections, and in Colombia

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